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Greenville & Goldsboro, NC - Real Lyme Stories

Greenville area - Real Lyme Story

I contracted Lyme disease sometime in 1999, I think....I remember the bite, but when I saw a Dr. in my small town of Wilson, he said it was a spider bite -- nothing to worry about.

I was diagnosed in 2001 in Greenville, NC when I was admitted to Pitt memorial hospital by my parents because my arms were so numb that I couldn't dress myself.

The diagnosing physician was from a neurological practice in Greenville who just ran LOTS of random tests to try and figure out what I had.

He told me it was good news - Lyme disease - all I had to do was take doxy for 30 days and it would be gone.

I later found Jemsek clinic by looking online at support groups - I had no idea what Lyme disease was about. But I didn't get better then.

I'm still sick, still on antibiotics and I now live in Greensboro, NC.

I'm 43 years old. I don't know what else info you need. {My} Mind doesn't think coherently very often.

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Goldsboro - Real Lyme Story

Hello, I live in Goldsboro, NC and recently contracted Lyme. Around the first of this month I felt achy, sick, severe headaches didn't know what to think. About a week later I woke up with Bells Palsy (I am retired RN but knew NOTHING about Lyme.) I went to the ER thinking I had had a stroke. but was ruled out, Was sent home on anti viral meds after overnight stay during which I recited a litany of Lyme disease symptoms which were totally ignored. Drs in ER said Lyme wasn't geographically feasible. Good old Google ( I looked up Bells Palsy) told me all I needed to know. Went to my primary care physician in Greenville and she waffled a bit. I asked for the test and they did it. I think the results were negative. About a week after seeing my Doc her office called and said they wanted me to take doxycycline to be on the safe side. The Drs there are affiliated with ECU med school and the best favor I ever did myself was to establish with a Dr. there They were finished with me in Goldsboro "Lyme not here" they say.

About a week later the best article came out in the Raleigh N&O about Lyme and how it has been under diagnosed in NC. The Dr. the people speak of on this forum was mentioned as returning a disabled airline pilot back to work after long years of disability (He had been to about 15 Drs over 10 years or more of terrible suffering). I hear the Doc is in SC now and has a clinic there. Now my friends are coming out of the cracks telling me about relatives and friends who were not diagnosed and have long term disability. About the only good thing I heard is that you are unlikely to die from it. I am in to the first week of doxycycline. All of us have improved but I am now having scary brain fog, like going into never land. I'm probably lucky I had Bells Palsy otherwise I would still be wondering what is wrong with me. Somebody needs to get this info out to the many ignorant Docs.

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