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We have all had varying degrees of being positive on the testing. I had a bull's-eye rash so I knew. My daughter XXXX likely contracted it at Ft. Jackson in SC years ago. She also has babesia and Bartonella and is the most ill of the bunch. She is on SS disability although Nortel has repeatedly denied her claims for long term disability because her symptoms are all "self-reported". What a joke. She has chronic fatigue syndrome, severe fibromyalgia, migraines, etc. XXXX is XXXX's daughter and has had symptoms since birth and also has been bitten by numerous ticks on the playground at school. XXXX is another daughter and she was bitten by "something" 5 years ago and started to have weird symptoms like salivary gland cysts, thyroid problems, weight gain, brain fog, exhaustion, diabetes, etc. Please note, XXXX and XXXX are step-daughters, although I claim them as my own!

XXXX is my child from birth. I suspect he may have had this stuff since birth but it only became really clear this summer when he experienced heat exhaustion at soccer practice. He didn't bounce back so I took him to our PCP and he pronounced, "mono" even though the test came back negative. I wasn't satisfied because he was experiencing brain fog so I took my normally very intelligent A student to Dr. X for evaluation. There was evidence to support the diagnosis so we treated him and he herxed quite profoundly. We are treating him and he has returned to being a pretty normal 17 year old about to go off to college.

XXXX is our "daughter by choice", no relation by blood, who came home to stay w/us after leaving an abusive relationship. She is severely positive and also has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is quite ill and Dr. X doesn't want to treat the Lyme until we can get her inflammation under control. I have tried for 5+ years to get her to go for testing and she only relented to shut me up after I said I would pay for it. She has wasted 5 years going to doctors who told her "We don't have Lyme here..." She is now so sick that I am not at all confident that she can recover.

I went many years before my relapse 5 years ago. I have been under care of XXXX ever since. Dr. X has helped me tremendously and I have the utmost respect for him. He listens to his patients and is willing to think outside the box. His knowledge of HIV and AIDS has been a big help. He is the kindest, most honest and ethical physician I have ever met. He has given me faith and courage to go forward w/treatment. I was terrified of the meds and the disease and he helped me find my way out of it. He also is open minded and doesn't laugh when you use alternative medicine such as sauna, acupuncture, HBO, herbs, etc. He also listens when you pipe up with "Dr. X, this isn't working. Can we try something else?" He is humble and never arrogant toward his patients.

In answer to your question....Lyme is definitely carried by ticks. We think that there may be other vectors as well. The CDC says that it is the most common vector borne disease in the country. It has been found in placental membranes, semen and blood. It can pass from mother to unborn child and it is sexually transmissible although you would not get most MDs to believe it. We have all had tick bites both here in NC and in other states. There was a tick study done at Ft. Jackson, SC in the early 90s just after XXXX was there and became symptomatic. Google Ft. Jackson and Lyme. There should be a billboard picture that pops up in the first few references. XXX and XXXX both likely had it from birth but both have had tick bites here.

Babesia is becoming known as America's malaria and it is carried by ticks and probably mosquitoes. My vets can diagnose it in dogs but most MDs don't even know it exists.

Oh yes, my dentist and friend MBL has been diagnosed by Dr. X. She lives in Orange County and went for testing after 2 years of my nagging. I am pretty sure her husband has it as well.

Didn't mean to go on so long but you need as much info as you can get.

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