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Quantifying Bartonella Risks to Veterinarians

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

National Report — Bartonellosis: It’s no longer considered a self-limiting disease, and for some people chronic infection can be as debilitating and hard to diagnose as Lyme disease.

Bartonella: Quantifying new risks to veterinarians, patients
Dec 1, 2010
By: Daniel R. Verdon

Carolina Lyme Education Event

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We want to thank the Swingin’ Saints group at Apex Baptist Church for allowing us to join a recent luncheon and help raise the awareness concerning tick borne diseases in North Carolina.



Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Dept of Army study published in 1992 concerning risks in North Carolina

CONCLUSIONS.  The presence of specimens of I. scapularis on examined 
deer, and information from the DEHNR on the epidemiology of Lyme disease in 
North Carolina, indicate that the present risk of contracting human Lyme 
disease at Fort Bragg, is Moderate.

Under Our Skin Begins Broadcast on PBS Stations

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Under Our Skin Documentary Will Be Available on local PBS Stations –

May 17th -  8:00 pm Under Our Skin,UNC-MX digital channel

If you do not see a listing for your area on the link below, please contact your local station.

Finally, UNDER OUR SKIN will be seen on TV, reaching millions of viewers! Starting this month, Lyme Disease Awareness Month, a slimmed-down, updated version will be shown on select PBS stations across the country. Thanks to viewer calls and emails, more and more PBS affiliates are picking up the show. Stations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Miami are leading the pack with broadcasts on May 1, with scores of other stations following. Broadcasts will continue throughout the summer and beyond. Check the current schedule of broadcasts; if you don’t see your local PBS station listed, feel free to contact them, urging that they program the film if they haven’t already.

Despite the representation of their viewpoint in the film, the Infectious Diseases Society of America is raising its voice and standing on its bully pulpit to try to stop broadcasts. In an intimidating letter, the organization president warned that the film is “dangerous to viewers” and shouldn’t be seen.

tv_censorship2The PBS mandate is to “provide a voice for groups in the community that may otherwise be unheard,” and serve as “a forum for controversy and debate” by broadcasting programs that “help us see America whole, in all its diversity.” We’re glad that PBS affiliate stations are honoring this mission and not caving in to the IDSA’s attempt to silence dissenting voices.