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Carolina Lyme is provided by individuals whose lives have been affected by Lyme disease. Our mission is to offer information and personal experiences to assist North and South Carolina residents in understanding tick related illnesses. Many patients who contributed to this site have gone through numerous years of being misdiagnosed due to the misconception that Lyme disease is not present in our states. Late and Chronic Lyme are difficult to diagnosis and treat. Patients have often seen numerous doctors, specialists and must travel long distances out-of-state to obtain treatment . It is our goal to show the truth concerning this disease and offer current data to residents and state health care professionals to expose the magnitude of this problem and consequences of outdated testing and treatment options. Your active role is essential to helping patients receive the care and medical treatment they deserve for the treatment of Lyme disease and other tick related illnesses.

How far will you have to go for treatment?

"How far will you have to go for treatment?" - (photo provided by Blake Davis)

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